Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems

Drainscope Supply and install Hot water Systems and Heat Pumps from brands you know and trust including Rheem, Bosch, Dux, Rinnai, Steibel Eltron and Quantum.


Below is an example of the hot water systems we can supply. Our experienced, knowledgeable technicians will steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right hot water heater for your home or business.

Rheem Gas Hot Water Systems

  • Rheem Stellar® 330 Gas Water Heater
  • Rheem 4 Star Gas Water Heater – 90L/135L/170L
  • Rheem 5 Star 265 Gas Water Heater
  • Rheem 5 Star 295 Gas Water Heater

Continuous Flow Rheem Hot Water Systems

  • Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Water Heater – 12L/20L
  • Rheem Metro Gas Continuous Flow Water Heater – 16L/26L

Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems

  • Rheem Electric Water Heaters – 25L/50L/80L/125L/160L/250L/315L/400L
  • Rheem Stellar® Stainless Steel Electric Water Heater – 80L/125L/160L/250L/315L
  • RheemPlus® Electric Water Heater – 125L/160L/250L/315L

Bosch Hot Water Systems

  • Bosch 16P
  • Bosch 16H
  • Bosch Continuous Flow Instantaneous Hot Water System

Vulcan Hot Water Systems

  • Vulcan Freeloader 135 litre External Gas Hot Water Heater
  • Vulcan Freeloader 170 litre External Gas Hot Water Heater

Dux Hot Water Systems

  • Prodigy 4 Star Gas Storage 135l/170l
  • Dux Continuous Flow 21l
  • Continuous Flow 26l
  • Proflo 25l/50l/80l/125l/160l/250l/315/400l

Rinnai Hot Water Systems

  • Rinnai Infinity 26L/Min
  • Rinnai Builders 26L/Min
  • Rinnai Builders 20L/Min
  • Rinnai Builders 16L/Min

Heat Pumps

  • Steibel Eltron 222L and 302L Heat Pumps
  • 150L Quantum Solar Heat Pump