‘NO DIG’ – Pipe Relining

‘NO DIG’ – Pipe Relining

Drainscope are the Southwest Pipe Relining Specialists, utilising the Nuflow ‘Blueline’ relining system.

‘Blueline’ is a CIPP (cure in place pipe) pipe relining system installed by the pull in place method.

This system offers a rehabilitation solution for a variety of pipes including sewerage, stormwater and vertical drain stacks. Blueline can be utilised on all types of pipe such as clay, UPVC, asbestos. concrete and also metal.

Nuflow Blueline creates a pipe within a pipe that stops leaks, bridges gaps and spans holes in the pipe. Blueline is a seamless, joint-free pipe repair process that is used to fix broken and deteriorating pipes.

Our product and service is the ideal long-term solution for broken pipes and drain blockages due to root intrusion. Therefore, relining with Blueline will not only save money on maintenance but also restores and improves your building asset quality and value.

Non invasive pipe and drain repair.

As a non-invasive pipe repair system, Blueline cost-effectively restores broken and failing underground or in-building pipework. Our unique system is also capable of restoring pipes in diameters from 40mm to 1000mm within buildings as well as underground. All this without digging or destruction to buildings or landscape.

Blueline allows the restoration of pipe systems with multiple bends, branches and transitions in pipe diameter all from existing access points.

Nuflow are the specialists in Lateral Connection Liners (LCL) for any type of junction and repairs the whole junction in one process.

What are the benefits?

  • Prevents root intrusion and stops leaks
  • Assists to prevent blocked drains
  • No digging or destruction
  • Offers the structural strength of new pipes
  • Alternative to drain replacement
  • Increases water flow